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Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen

My Story

I grew up in a smaller town in Southwest Missouri. I learned most of what I know about cooking from my mother, who learned from her mother. I didn't personally grow up on the farm but I have relatives who are farmers and well, lets just say we know a thing or two about good food! I learned the rest of my cooking knowledge from my formal education. I have a Master's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics to the lapers) and I taught high school for 4 years. I decided to stay home with my twins when they were born and have loved being home with them. I still love teaching and the FCS (family and consumer sciences) umbrella of subjects, so I have started this blog to share my knowledge with you.

 My goal for this blog is to share with you easy, great tasting recipes that the average person can recreate in your own homes. I love to eat good food but I don't live to cook, so these recipes will be finger licking good but also leave you time to spend with your family. I hope to give you recipes along with general cooking tips and meal planning skills. I hope you learn something and enjoy the process.

I met my husband back when I was in high school (he was the big college stud ;0). We dated for 4 years and married in 2005.  We have been married almost 10 that's crazy! I was over the moon for him even back when we met and I still am (if not more so) now almost 14 years later.  He is an amazing man and father and I'm lucky to have him as my husband.  He is a very talented commercial photographer. 

We have 2 wonderful kiddos.  They are both 3 year old...yep, twins! Boy/girl so no, not identical (you'd be supprised by how many people ask that). Twins has its unique joys and challenges and we love them very much!

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  1. Very inspiring story!! I have kids that are 13 months apart boy/girl and get asked if they are identical twins all the time :)