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Now That's A Party!

The Basic Formula 

I'm starting a new subsection of my blog devoted to throwing an amazing party.  I love themed parties and I'm sharing my foolproof formula with you.  After this first introductory post, I'll be using the formula to show you specific themed party ideas, but for now here are the basics.

The Formula (see video above for details)
Step 1. Choosing a Theme
Step 2. Determining the Audience
Step 3. The Framework
Step 4. The Inner workings
Step 5. Capturing memories

My Little Pony Party (Gender Neutral)

I Have boy/girl twins who both love MLP. So I wanted to make their party as gender neutral as I could.  I got several ideas from Pinterest and I made up several of my own.

The Formula
Step 1. My Little Pony Theme

Step 2. Small group of my twins Friends and Parents

Step 3. The Framework
We had the party at our house

I used a Facebook event for the Invitation

Step 4. The Inner workings

Decorations: I found some MLP (my little pony) fabric at Joann's and mixed it with other rainbow and bright fabric's for the table clothes
I used colorful streamers and balloons (I also had MLP balloons)
I used a cardboard box side and cut out a cloud shape, painted it white and glued on the sign and letters
I also used all my kids' MLP toy's as decoration too!

I used Spotify to play MLP songs from all the episodes

Food: We had the party in the middle of the afternoon so we just had snacks and cake

Everything on theme!
For the signs and tag's I just found picture's online and made a Word doc and added the words

Drinks: Pinkie Pie's Pink Lemonade and Spike's Dragon Berry Punch.
I also had citrus water and soda available.
Sorry I didn't get a picture of the completed punch, but I used Lime Sherbet, Limeade soda (that was lime green in color) and Sprite.  I froze blueberries and purple grapes and had them floating around for effect (as the berries, in dragon berry punch) and to keep it cold.

Apple Jack's Applesauce and Big Mac's Hay Bales (Rice Crispy treats)

Rarity's Cutie Mark Cookies
See my "World's Best Sugar Cookie" Recipe here

Twilight Sparkle's Magic Wands
I printed out a sheet of her cutie marks, cut them out and taped them to some cheese sticks

Rainbow Dash's Rainbow Fruit
Using all the colors of the rainbow plus pink I made a fruit tray and dip
Red: Strawberries
Orange: Oranges
Yellow: Pineapple
Green: Kiwi
Blue: Blueberries
Purple: Purple Grapes
Pink: Watermelon

Dip Recipe
Equal parts Marshmallow Creme and Softened Cream Cheese whipped together

Fluttershy's Critter Trail Mix
I used my Jazzed up Chex mix recipe but added teddy grahmns to help with the critter theme along with goldfish. See recipe here

The Cake:
I made a rainbow funfetti cake with homemade strawberry jam between layers.  I made marshmallow fondant to decorate the outside and bought some MLP plastic cake topper's on Amazon to add the pony style.
See my Cake Tips and Tricks post here

Games & Activities: 
Each of the 6 ponies had their own activity station.

Pinkie Pie's Balloon Round-up
I got a bunch of the big punch balloons, blew them up and put them in a room.  The kids can enter the room and have fun playing with and rounding up the balloons. This was the simplest and most popular station.  So fun!

Apple Jack's Apple Toss

This could be a cardboard cut out that the kids throw bean bags through but I already had a Toss-a-cross games so I just printed out pictures of red and green apples and Apple Jack, glued them on with Mod Podge and there you have it!

Rarity's Face Painting Boutique
This was a station where my mom was painting Cutie Marks on the
party guest's faces.  I had also gotten some MLP temporary tattoo's and put those that this station as well.  Both were a big hit.

Twilight Sparkle's Crown Decoration
At a Joann's craft store I found these paper crowns and got stickers, markers and gems to decorate them. The kids had a blast and got to take their's home with them.

Fluttershy's Critter Creations
Fluttershy loves animals and quiet so I chose a coloring table for her station.  I printed out coloring pages of her and her creature friends for the guests to color with fun rainbow crayons from Target

Rainbow Dash's Rainbow Piñata
Who doesn't love a good piñata, you get to hit something and there's win!
I found this cute rainbow piñata at Target

Party Favors: 
I complied a gift bag for each party guest to take home.  They contained balloons, bubbles, temp tattoos, rainbow crayon sticks and candy.  Simple and inexpensive (as most things came in packs) but a great way to thank your guest for coming 

Step 5. Capturing memories

Ponyville Photo booth

Upon entering the party zone I had a simple background on the wall with some paper cutout masks so everyone could take a photo with a selfie stick.  I used this post I found on pinterest for the masks but instead of using felt I used cardstock paper.  I found it easier than working with felt plus I already had all the colors I needed from my scapbooking stash.

As I was trying to make it gender neutral I added a Big Mac and Spike mask.

We had a great time! An absolutely fabulous was to celebrate a 4th birthday!
Now that's a Party!

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